Enjoy with your children in Juzcar, the "Smurf Village" by Transfer in Málaga Online.

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Comes the weekend, and sometimes we need a little inspiration to plan a family. in Transfer in Málaga Online know that usual when we have children is to take them to a park, out to dinner or the movies, but Malaga offers many possibilities for a great family day out. So today from Transfer in Málaga Online we recommend you visit the village of Juzcar, located in the "Valle del Genal".

A blue village… when in Transfer in Málaga Online say that it is a blue village are talking literally a village painted blue. The reason for this is that Juzcar was elected in 2011 for the world premiere of the Smurfs movie where all the facades of the houses were painted in this color. Since then, Juzcar has been called "The Smurfs Village" and has become one of the most visited towns in Malaga. in Transfer in Málaga Online we assure that children will love this unique and older people also enjoy it. It will also find the mythical characters from the cartoon as Papa Smurf, Smurfette and the evil Gargamel and activities for children.

Moreover, in Juzcar we can enjoy their most outstanding monuments such as:

"El castañar del Genal, Las Cuevas del Agua y del Rey Moro, El Puente del Molino, Las ruinas de la Real Fábrica de Hojalata "San Miguel", Las ruinas de los despoblados, Los Molinos, El Torcal de los Riscos, La Sima del Diablo, El Jardón…"

From Transfer in Málaga Online we want to offer a transfer to Juzcar. Transfer in Málaga Online does transfer transfer to province of Málaga and Andalucía. You can ask for more information via email info@transferenmalagaonline.es.If you want to know more about these services you can check our prices of transfer on the following link.You can also contract with Transfer in Málaga Online your transfer pick prior reservation at Malaga Airport, in María Zambrano Station or Cruise Terminal in Malaga. Just call us at (+34) 633 121 034 or contact through the following below.