From the Airport to the Port of Malaga with Transfer in Málaga Online.

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Connections between Malaga Airport and the Port of Málaga are the busiest, especially those cruisers. The Port of Málaga is having a great relevance in Spain. Both the number of cruises and cruise passengers has increased in recent years. Note the remodeling of the Port of Málaga, with the new Cruise Terminal "Muelle Uno", and "El Palmeral de las Sorpresas".

In the Muelle Uno Sea Shopping cruisers find an open space with a wide range of shops and restaurants to enjoy both day and night mall. In addition, Pier One occasionally includes other activities such as live music, craft markets, exhibitions, etc.

In the spring two 'The Palm of Surprises" find a nice landscape where relax walking through it and enjoy a total of 408 specimens of palms.

But if you've just arrived at Malaga Airport and have to dispose you to take your cruise you ask How do I get from Malaga Airport to the Port of Malaga? The answer is easy, with Transfer in Málaga Online ,because we offer a transfer service for your transfer to the port of Malaga. To hire your transfer to Puerto de Málaga simply call us at (+34) 633 121 034, email us at the address or via contact form found at the following link.If you pre book your transfer from Malaga airport to Malaga Maritime Station with Transfer en Málaga Online you'll be waiting, to leave everything well tied without having to worry about applying for a shuttle to your arrival.

The transfer from Malaga Airport to the Port of Málaga is performed through the MA-21 highway and taking the MA-22 exit. The distance between them is approximately 13.5km so if traffic permits time does not go over 20 minutes. Transfer is one of the most convenient ways to get to Malaga Port, because with Transfer in Málaga Online leave you on the same pier near your cruise.

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