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Malaga is among the cheapest cities to spend your summer holidays | Transfer in Malaga Online.

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Starting this Sunday, the 21st, Spanish citizens can move to liberate the entire national territory as a new step in the de-escalation against the Covid-19. It is time to start booking the summer holidays, and a great option to help the Spanish economy is to do national tourism.

Malaga is a perfect city to spend your summer holidays. It offers tourists a wide variety of activities of all kinds, thus adapting to all tastes. In addition, Malaga is among the cheapest Spanish cities to spend the summer, according to data from the Rastreator website.

Malaga Airport will be one of the Spanish airports open during the de-escalation.

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Malaga Airport is one of the main Spanish airports, this is reflected in many data such as the large number of passengers that pass through the Airport daily, the number of arrivals and departures. Also in these moments that we are living with the situation of the Covid-19, Malaga Airport reinforces its importance, positioning itself as one of the five Spanish airports where flights from abroad may land during the de-escalation process.